Power Tools: The Safety Dos And Dont’s

If you’re new to working with power tools like a wood router, then its important that you know tool safety rules. Sure, maybe you’ve read a few tool reviews, but there are very few which give you instructions on how to use them cautiously. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss a few do’s and don’ts when you’re dealing with this kind of equipment.

The Do’s

Power Tools81. Inspect tools before each use. You never know when a tool may have a short in it. In which case, it could present an electrical hazard and possibly lead to electrocution burns. Wires should not be frayed or exposed.

2. Make sure the switch is completely turned off before you plug it into an outlet. Whenever you’re dealing with a power tool, your only means of defense is to ensure that you have complete control when using it. And if the tool starts before you have a good grip, then it could easily result in someone being injured.

3. Use the appropriate grounding extension cords. Many people attempt to use a two prong adapter when the plug actually calls for one that has three prongs. Though this may indeed power your tool, it could also lead to electrical problems or worse. So use your adapters properly.

4. Use the proper tool for the job. Each power tool is designed to handle a specific task. And whenever you try to use for something that it was not meant to do, then you put your safety as well as other’s at risk.

The Dont’s

1. Never put your tool down until it has stopped running. Tools, according to Toolversed, can be unpredictable when you are not in full control. So before sitting it to the side, wait for the motor to stop.

2. Avoid using cords to raise or lower any equipment. Whenever you put stress on wires, it presents the potential to have an electrical shortage. Also, the cord may not be able to withstand the weight of the equipment which could cause it to snap and the item to fall on you or someone else.

3. Don’t plug or unplug the equipment in with sweaty or wet hands. Many people may not realize that they are risking electrocution when their hands have moisture. So make sure they’re dried completely before plugging anything into a socket.